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"(...) from the total movement of the body or from its ably conducted partial movements, and no longer from a shock, results a continuous murmur, sonorous garnishing of dance. Thus the body is enshrouded in music." (André Schaeffner, Origines des instruments de musique)​


Rumor is a workshop dedicated to the construction, repair and maintenance of string musical instruments.
Our construction work follows two principles, which are, we believe, inseparable from each other: the observation of models from before which have survived to the present days; and  the music, sound and body requirements specific of the player. Thus we make copies or reconstructions of early instruments, and the construction of instruments of our days, or of days to come.
We envisage to establish the coherence between the instrument, its context and its purpose. Musical instruments – as music itself and art in general – are, we believe, atemporal: never old and obsolete; never new and heard for the first time.

Each instrument is a unique object and made for someone in particular, conceived within their relation.
When making our instrumentos we use essentially local woods – portuguese and european –, not only because of their aesthetic and acoustic qualities, but also for a sustainable way of doing. We mainly use manual processes, resorting to machines only for heavier tasks. We perform each step according to each single instrument.

Pedro Ferreira and Rita Roberto

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